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Distinction Between Immigration and Migration

In most countries of the world if not all there is freedom of movement. One of the main concern is safety. Restriction also comes to help in controlling the population with relevance to the economy. Immigration is mainly described as the state I n which people move from one country to another in which they are not natives. With human migration it is the movement of people from a place with the main intention of settlings.

With migration it can be external or internal. Immigration may be for different reasons like studying, work or permanent residence. In most case immigration involves an individual or group of people moving from one documented and recognized independent country to another. With immigration however an individual may move from one place to another which is not necessarily within their geographical reach. With migration in most time is a necessity thus cannot be stopped.

Unlike migration, immigration of an individual or group of people can be stopped. In cases where an individual or group of people want to have an illegal immigration then there may be dire consequences. In most cases during immigration if one is found going against the rule of law then they are directly deported to their native countries. Some governments are ruthless with immigrants. With migration however especially for refugees there are organisation which are responsible for ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

An individual may be forced to meet immigration bond requirements unlike with migration. An individual need to make sure that there are people who can stand for their immigration bond requirements for instances paying for bail in case they are in the system. Another way to fulfil your immigration bond requirements is by making sure that you are not a flight risk and you are not running from charges from your native country. With migration in most cases the people do not have the time or ways to fill in and met the immigration bond requirements as most the times the condition they are in are devastating and getting aid is the only thing the need at the moment.

In conclusion the other difference between immigration and migration is that with migration it mainly involved large groups of people or communities flee from trouble. With immigration there a time limit in that the individual can be in that particular country thus must have met all the requirements for the period including the immigration bond requirements.